Calcutta Rescue: Number 10 School

Hello dear friends! Well, after a marathon trip comprising 14-hour flights, 19-hour layovers and surprisingly few bags of peanuts, I’ve finally returned to snowy Syracuse. It was so lovely to be reunited with Jesse, who had left a week before I did for work, and after nearly a month on the road I was so happy to be home.

Working with Calcutta Rescue in their outreach programs and exploring India was truly life-changing in so many ways. While I’ve been taking these past few days to catch up on sleep and start to sift through the thousands of captures from my time volunteering, I have a feeling that it will be quite some time before the impact of these weeks truly sinks in.

In the days and weeks ahead, I’ll be sharing some of the photographs here that I took while volunteering in Calcutta Rescue’s clinics and schools. And I can think of no better way to begin than with the first project I assisted with: a fundraiser video for the children of Number 10 School.

Number 10 School is one of the educational programs Calcutta Rescue operates to help care for underprivileged children living in the area slums. From arranging transport for the children with chaperones who are able to communicate news between parents and teachers, to providing daily meals, clothing made in the Calcutta Rescue weaving and handicrafts project, medical screenings and of course education in a variety of subjects to help prepare them for higher education, Calcutta Rescue’s schools play an integral part in giving these children a better future.

Though providing a remarkable array of programs and services for 300 students, Number 10 School’s cramped classrooms are too small for tables and chairs and leave children taking their lessons seated on dirty floors, while the building itself is in terrible disrepair. Over the past few years, Calcutta Rescue has been negotiating the purchase of a new building nearly three times the size of the current location, with larger classrooms (which could accommodate desks and chairs for the children), as well as a large rooftop patio for recreation and additional classroom space. Fundraising has been challenging, so this past month a group of the Calcutta Rescue volunteers took it upon themselves to create a music video to support the effort.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos from the day we spent with the students, teachers and staff; but be sure to watch the video first for some great dance moves, good fun, and some very happy children.

In support of this cause so close to my heart, I will be matching individual donations made by clients and friends of Martha Swann Photography up to a total of $500.

Should you like to make a donation to this cause, please visit and write “Martha Swann Photography” in the message box on the donation form. Thank you & namasté from all of us :) 

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