2015 was a year for the memory books, and looking back it seems absolutely amazing that it all fit into just 365 days!  I’m a little behind in my blogging (seeing as how I’m getting to my New Year post in February!) but it’s simply because the old saying still holds true: time flies when you’re having fun ;)

I can hardly believe that we’re already nearing the end of winter–though the snow and cold seem bound and determined to stay–and the start of a brand new wedding season is just around the corner! There are so many things to look forward to this year, but first things first: a nod to all of the beauty that’s gone before.

2015 saw:

  • A trip to India that allowed me to work with Calcutta Rescue. The experience literally changed my life and led me to…
  • Enrolling in grad school! (I absolutely owe the web-isphere a blog post about the crazy ride that was last fall, but in short, I’m currently enrolled in the Multimedia, Photography & Design master’s program at Newhouse–my alma mater!–to expand my storytelling skill set and continue working with non profits in my free time. More to come soon ;)
  • Jesse and I got engaged (!!!!!!!) and have even started wedding planning. I have so. much. respect. for my clients past and present. These spreadsheets are no joke!!! How do you ever get anything else done when you’re planning a wedding!?
  • Road trips. Galore. Jesse and I explored the west and even made time for road trips to North Carolina and the St. Lawrence this summer. Though fall brought lots of business and crazy weekend schedules, we’re bound and determined to sneak in a little more travel time soon :)
  • On the statistical side of things, I photographed my 95th wedding this year. WOOT! 2016 will be the year of #100!

There are so many happy memories that I’ll treasure from these past twelve months, but most special to me are the moments I was able to share with the 22 gorgeous couples below. I’m so thrilled that 2015 was another year I was lucky enough to be welcomed in to new families’ lives to share their love and happiness. Whether in sun, snow or rain, the moments we were able to capture together are some of my favorites yet.

Many, many thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart. I hope each year you spend together is more beautiful than the last :) xx

001-2015-CAL-WED-6424002-2015-SWE-WED-3398003-2015-YOU-WED-9463004-2015-PET-WED-7950005-2015-HET-WED-1-7227006-2015-DSC_2390007-2015-SPE-WED-9776009-2015-PET-WED-7854010-2015-PIE-WED-0460011-2015-HUC-WED-2511Mallory + Brent // A Turning Stone Casino Wedding // All images ©Martha Swann Photography 2015
013-2015-YOU-WED-9690014-2015-HUC-WED-2173Martha Swann Photography //

022-2015-DSC_2453023-2015-SPE-WED-1264024-2015-HUC-WED-1684025-2015-CAL-WED-1316026-2015-DSC_2465Martha Swann Photography //
028-2015-SPE-WED-0368029-2015-GRA-WED-9308Martha Swann Photography //
031-2015-GRA-WED-2121032-2015-PET-WED-7413033-2015-HUC-WED-9758034-2015-PET-WED-7952035-2015-GRA-WED-8929036-2015-YOU-WED-9686037-2015-PAT-WED-5113038-2015-KYL-WED-3448039-2015-KYL-WED-0363040-2015-HET-WED-1-7317041-2015-KYL-WED-0652042-2015-YOU-WED-8332043-2015-HUC-WED-1337044-2015-DSC_3224Mallory + Brent // A Turning Stone Casino Wedding // All images ©Martha Swann Photography 2015
046-2015-KOH-WED-9277Mallory + Brent // A Turning Stone Casino Wedding // All images ©Martha Swann Photography 2015
048-2015-PIE-WED-1350Martha Swann Photography //
050-2015-HUC-WED-1865051-2015-SWE-WED-4557052-2015-BAI-WED-3383053-2015-DYA-WED-2152054-2015-GRA-WED-1932055-2015-SPE-WED-1247056-2015-PIE-WED-1661057-2015-DYA-WED-2393058-2015-HAL-WED-6066059-2015-HAR-WED-8138060-2015-PAT-WED-5788061-2015-PET-WED-8142062-2015-DYA-WED-2735063-2015-HAL-WED-5800064-2015-KYL-WED-3103065-2015-HUC-WED-2787Martha Swann Photography //
067-2015-HAL-WED-6054068-2015-KIN-WED-5500069-2015-HAL-WED-6074070-2015-HUC-WED-2759071-2015-KOH-WED-9265072-2015-KYL-WED-0754073-2015-SWE-WED-4288074-2015-KYL-WED-0832075-2015-PAT-WED-5086076-2015-PIE-WED-1000077-2015-PIE-WED-1658078-2015-GRA-WED-9263Martha Swann Photography //
080-2015-GRA-WED-9400081-2015-DYA-WED-2442082-2015-HAR-WED-3791083-2015-GRA-WED-9438084-2015-SPE-WED-0598085-2015-HAL-WED-2-6399086-2015-PET-WED-9471087-2015-PIE-WED-1372088-2015-BAI-WED-3269089-2015-DSC_3313090-2015-KIN-WED-5185091-2015-BAI-WED-3363092-2015-KOH-WED-8925093-2015-HAL-WED-6115094-2015-SWE-WED-3685095-2015-DYA-WED-2805Mallory + Brent // A Turning Stone Casino Wedding // All images ©Martha Swann Photography 2015
104-2015-SPE-WED-0894105-2015-GRA-WED-9317106-2015-SPE-WED-1425107-2015-CAR-WED-5405108-2015-HAR-WED-8276109-2015-HET-WED-1-7121110-2015-HET-WED-1-8358111-2015-SWE-WED-3347112-2015-SWE-WED-3524113-2015-YOU-WED-0715114-2015-HAR-WED-8628115-2015-CAL-WED-7608Mallory + Brent // A Turning Stone Casino Wedding // All images ©Martha Swann Photography 2015
Mallory + Brent // A Turning Stone Casino Wedding // All images ©Martha Swann Photography 2015
126-2015-HAL-WED-6344127-2015-CAR-WED-3909Martha Swann Photography //
129-2015-CAR-WED-3579130-2015-SWE-WED-4518131-2015-CAR-WED-3578132-2015-CAR-WED-4379133-2015-HET-WED-1-8625134-2015-SWE-WED-3407135-2015-SWE-WED-4674136-2015-HET-WED-1-8468137-2015-SPE-WED-1536138-2015-MIL-WED-9274139-2015-HAR-WED-8552140-2015-MIL-WED-6803Martha Swann Photography //

148-2015-KYL-WED-4252149-2015-YOU-WED-1318150-2015-YOU-WED-1476Martha Swann Photography //
152-2015-HAL-WED-7125153-2015-SPE-WED-1861154-2015-HAR-WED-3971155-2015-HUC-WED-2846156-2015-BAI-WED-4155Martha Swann Photography //

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