As a visual storyteller, my first love in school was documentary storytelling. Years ago, I began my undergraduate career in Newhouse as a photojournalism student and though over time I’ve spent more and more time photographing families and couples on their wedding day, I’ve continued to be drawn to storytelling in all of its forms. Several years ago, after spending several weeks in India working with the non-profit Calcutta Rescue, I knew I wanted to re-explore documentary photography process, and so I returned to my alma mater and enrolled as a graduate student. While pursuing a concentration in documentary photography and film, I have been so grateful for the opportunity to be learning and exploring with some of the industry’s best and brightest as my instructors and my classmates. 

I was drawn time and again to stories of women and families in particular, and have spent the last two years working on projects dealing with adoption and fostercare, and most recently, motherhood, miscarriage and pregnancy loss.  Below are some of my favorite images.