I wish, I wish

portraits of loss, love and motherhood

A little about the project

"I wish, I wish: Portraits of loss, love and motherhood" began as a personal project and is now the focal point of my master's project for my photography studies at the S.I. Newhouse School of Communications.

We see so many depictions of motherhood in television, film and popular culture, and yet, few of these portrayals reflect the difficult journey many women have to achieve motherhood.

This portrait project has always been based on the voluntary involvement of women who hope to help dispel the stigma surrounding miscarriage and pregnancy loss, and I will be continuing to schedule sessions throughout the end of 2017 and into 2018 as well. I welcome submissions from individuals in any location, and will be posting travel notes and updates to this page.

A little about the sessions

--Each participant will be interviewed and asked to share his/her experience with miscarriage. It is estimated that each interview will last for one hour. The interview will be recorded with an audio recorder and possibly with video with the permission of each participant.

--Following the interview, each participant will have her (or if partners wish to participate his/her) portrait made. The goal is to create evocative, intimate imagery to accompany excerpts from each interview, and is less formal than a traditional portrait session. Suggested locations for the portrait session include the participant's home, a place that has special meaning for the participant, in front of the hospital where the woman was cared for, or even simply some place beautiful that the participant feels a connection to.

--If the participants are willing, other items may also be photographed (i.e. items that have sentimental value from the miscarriage or pregnancy loss, including but not limited to sonogram photos, clothing purchased for the baby, items the parents used to announce the birth, the room that would have been the nursery, etc.).

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